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HPO | Zaney Zoo Guy| Zoo Keeper Mullet, Halloween Wig with Handlebar Mustche

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Nothing quite captures the bizarreness of 2020 like our Zaney Zoo Guy Wig. This ode to the infamous zookeeper captures every deranged detail of the convicted oddball. Featuring choppy dark roots and peroxide blond ringlets, for an unmistakably strung outlook. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the facial hair! Included with the mullet, is a matching handlebar mustache bushy enough to charm any cat lover. Whether you can agree if Carole did it or not, there is no denying this 80’s mullet and mustache set is hilarious. That said, The Zaney Zoo Guy does not spare comfort for style, this synthetic wig is adjustable and breathable. All our products are designed for everyone to enjoy, this masculine hairpiece beckons men, women, and nonbinary folks looking to channel their inner creep.

-  Includes handlebar mustache with adhesive backing for a quick stick!
- Made with an adjustable lining that can stretch up to 22 inches in diameter. Designed with ventilation for a comfortable and breathable fit.
- Made for Halloween costumes, streamers and content creators, drag artists, and impersonators.
- This wig may be a costume piece worn again and again! HPO’s King of Tigers wig is made of 100% washable synthetic fibers. Simply cleanse your wig using room temperature water and a gentle shampoo, then allow it to air dry for best results.
- This product includes a wig cap. The wig cap will help keep your natural locks tucked away and ensure your new look stays secure.
 -  This wig can be adjusted to accommodate children 8 and up.