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Adult Women's Classic Minivan Mom wig - Extra Long Face Framing Pixie with Chunky Highlights

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Trying to speak to the manager and demand special treatment but can’t muster the self-righteousness? You are looking for the Karen Wig! This costume piece is perfect for dressing up as the demanding, minivan obsessed, viral sensation herself. Featuring the signature blonde, chunky highlights and long asymmetrical bangs, this unmistakable pixie will be sure to put off people as soon as they see you coming.  Created with cruelty free synthetic fibers, this wig can be easily maintained to survive any YouTube worthy outburst. Great for streaming funny videos, costume parties, and performances of all kinds.  Karen’s capless cap construction is adjustable for a breathable and comfortable fit that will satisfy any attention hungry reality TV mom. The adjustable design can fit a head size up to 22 inches and be adjusted down for children 5 and up. Anyone can be a Karen, this design is appropriate for men, women, and folks of any gender.