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Pryzm Unisex Tinsel Jacket - White Halographic Long Strand Tinsel Festival Vest with Loose Fit - Extra Dense Tinsel for Extra Shine - Available in a Range of Sizes and Colors

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Light up the room in Pryzm's Tinsel Jacket. From the ballroom, to the runway, to the 3 am DJ set you better believe that tinsel is taking over! These lightweight festival must-haves, make any dance floor into a mystical magic moment. Ravey tinsel jackets are all the rage, they capture the light and the movement together to create a whirlwind of sparkle with you at the center. Our universally flattering design is made with men, women, and non binary folks in mind, so everyone can rave into the evening with pride and shine. Be ready to skyrocket into EDM paradise, creating a look worthy of a festival fantasy is easy with our range of styles and colors available. Each jacket is carefully crafted, so you can spread your sparkly wings without fear of losing your disco strands to your smooth moves. This jacket can be the topper to a fabulous design or the center piece for a comfortable laid back look that still brings the party.  Perfect for any extra fabulous occasions such as raves, festivals, parties, and Halloween. 

Included Item:  - Cape Only.