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Trolls World Tour | Men's Multi Color Sid Fret Costume

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Sid Fret is his name and he is one of the side characters from the rock n roll troll tribe. He is a laid back, chilled and somewhat dim-witted Rock Troll, as The Snack Pack easily fooled him with their Rock'n'Roll get ups into thinking they were Rock Trolls. He tends to go along with the flow of each situation and is actually positive and even somewhat oblivious to things at times. He could easily be spotted out with his zebra pattern headband. You could now rock your socks off with this fit and could pull your very own Queen Barb at the next Halloween Party or Cosplay function. Great for solo or group troll costumes. WIG NOT INCLUDED. Please look at other listings for the wig.

Including Items:

Vest, T-Shirt, Pants, Wristband