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Unisex Ultra Soft Interchangeable Filtered Breathable Washable Reusable Protective Masks | Color Aqua Blue - Bundled Pack Options

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Mask Wear and Care Instructions: Note, these are not medical grade masks and cannot be used as a substitute. That said, these do meet the minimum requirements for everyday effectiveness.

Remember, a mask doesn’t just protect you – it protects the people around you. If we all participate, we can all keep each other safe.

Cleanse your mask before wearing, refer to the washing instructions below.


Open the top pouch on the mask to insert absorbent fabric, like cloth or cotton.

The top side with the pouch should be placed over your nose. Make sure the mask covers your mouth and nose.

Tie the top and bottom strings. The top string goes around your head and over your ears, make sure the mask is tight enough so that it doesn’t slip down when you talk and loose enough that you can wear it for an extended period.
Just because you are wearing a mask, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to practice social distancing. 
Remember to keep 6 Ft from other people and rely on the advice from the CDC.

Washing instructions: Your mask regularly comes into contact with natural oils and debris from the air and your skin. Over time this can cause accelerated wear and tear on your mask.

Washing your mask ensures that it is effective and safe to use, we recommend cleaning it at least every other day. Rinse your mask in clean warm soapy water (around 80 degrees), make sure you rinse all components thoroughly before allowing them to air dry.