Gothic Diva Collection

Gothic Diva Collection

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It's Cousin Hairy! | 66 inch Long Costume Wig | Includes Hat and glasses | Premium Halloween Wigs
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  • Brown
  • White
  • Black
  • Light Pink
  • Blue
  • Dark Pink
  • Green
HPO Premium Adult Dapper Creature Playboy Tinsel Costume | Multiple Color Options
  • Gold and Blue
  • Golden Tinsel
  • Mixed Tinsel Gold
  • Silver Tinsel
  • Blue Tinsel
  • Red Tinsel
  • Black Tinsel
  • Purple Tinsel
  • Green Tinsel
  • Gold and Silver
  • Gold and Purple
  • Silver and Black
HPO Men's or Women's Dapper Creature Playboy Wig Collection
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  • Mixed Black and Blonde
  • Mixed Black and White
Premium Adults Men's/Women's Dapper Creature Playboy Costume & Wig
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  • Brown & Purple
  • Blue & Pink
  • Yellow & White
HPO Men's or Women's Dapper Creature Playboy Wig Collection, Long or Short Styles
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  • Brown & Purple
  • Blue & Pink
  • Yellow & White

If you're feeling a little too 'normal,' take a lesson from the ultimate Gothic Diva and embrace your inner weirdness. She may not be your typical girl next door, but she is anything but ordinary. Channel your inner spookiness like her from our wide range of costumes and wigs collection. From her signature black dress to her pigtail wig, her wardrobe is the epitome of spooky chic. Our edgy and gothic collection is inspired by that not-so-perky girl, undoubtedly will brighten your day with a little bit of darkness.

At the heart of her fashion sense is the black dress. This dress has become her trademark over the years, and it's easy to see why. Its long, flowing design, coupled with a high collar and puffy sleeves, perfectly encapsulates the gothic aesthetic. It's a dress that's both elegant and macabre. Our stylishly spooky collection features her signature black dress with a white collar and cuffs. From full-sleeve to half-sleeve— you'll get every style! But no Gothic Diva costume is complete without the signature wig, and we've got you covered there too. This hairstyle has become synonymous with the character, and they're a crucial part of her overall look. With her hair neatly woven into two tight braids, she looks prim and proper while giving off a hint of danger. It's a simple yet effective hairstyle, and it's become a staple of her overall appearance. Our pigtail wigs are perfectly made to mimic your favorite spooky queen!

Our every costume and wig is crafted with heat-retardant material with the touch of love. Costumes are made with soft and smooth fabric, so you will not feel any itchiness throughout the day. Wigs are 100% cruelty-free, have breathable capless-cap, and are designed for a comfortable fit.

How to Rock This Gothic Diva Look?

First and foremost, pick up the dress. This is the essence of her outfit, and it's essential to getting her look just right. Choose from our collection in your right fit, allowing you to move around freely while still looking chic and spooky.

And of course, her outfit would be incomplete without her signature pigtail. You'll need to select your pigtail wig. This is a hallmark of her style and will complete your gothic attire. To complete the outfit, wear stockings with a spiderweb pattern, and pair them with black boots or shoes.

For the finishing touches, add some fun to your look. A black choker necklace is a must-have for adding an extra layer of sophistication to your overall look. Don't forget to apply some black nail polish, lipstick, and smudgy black kohl.

Halloween or everyday style— add a touch of gothic glamor to your look with our iconic collection.

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