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We have a portfolio of top manufacturers with over 15 years of experience in the costume and wig industry. Specializing in the latest animation, celebrity, pop culture, and rave trends we offer one of the widest stocked and made-to-order wig and costume selections available. Through the year-round efforts of our research and development team, our products are unmatched by others in quality, comfort, or style.


Halloween Party Online was Founded in 2014 and based in the Emerald City of Seattle with offices in Japan and the United Kingdoms. Our team of experts are devoted to putting your needs first. We can assist you in picking out the ideal outfit for your daytime event or special night out. If you have questions about anything including fit, care, or shipping, we’re here to help!


We have thousands of different styles including: Men’s and Women’s Character, cosplay, and event costumes, Couples wigs, a wide selection of boy’s and girl’s kids size wigs, and mustache accessories to perfect your nights look. If you want to impersonate your favorite pop singer, relive the 90’s, swing your way through the party, jump the deck like a pirate, or curse your archenemy like a witch, the possibilities are endless and here at Halloween Party Online we will make your dreams become reality.


Whether you’re adding some flare to your cosplay events, dressing up for your favorite music festivals, or throwing a killer Halloween party, Halloween Party Online is your one-stop shop! 

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