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The Mardi Gras Queen

This year on Mardi Gras our Mardi Gras Queen went out with fifteen of her friends in our Colorful Jumbo Afro Wigs.  Not only did our Mardi Gras Queen, and minions look amazing, but they were the life of the party!

Jumbo Afros


Party Princess

Our Party Princess makes little girls, and boys dreams come true. Party Princess and her team dress up as Disney Princesses and surprise little kids on their birthdays! Party Princess completes her magical appearance with our regal style wigs. So, if you want your kid to step into a fantasy world for their birthday reach out to Party Princess.

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The Beautiful German Martinez

Most Melanie Martinez enthusiasts out there will probably already be familiar with the name Suiclown.  For those who are fans and not yet acquainted with Suiclown we suggest you check out her Instagram ASAP. Not only does she possess the natural charisma it takes to pull off this unique look, but she uses our wigs to elevate her Martinez alter ego.

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