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HPO | Classic Evil Anna Doll | Satin-Feel Dress, Adult Halloween Costume

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Who says scary has to be a big bloody monster? Creepy little dolls are nightmare fuel across cultures. To some, a little doll is an incredible gift to be cherished and passed down. To others, their perfect porcelain faces and glass eyes are eerily empty - or worse possessed. This costume captures the nightmare of a gift that turned terrifying! This long satin-like dress, gives off the impression of a fancy 20th-century doll, with crimson red ruffles and ribbons to mask its sinister source of demonic power.  Available in White and Red or in Black and Red. 

Pair with a perfect doll hair and an empty stare for spookiest results. 

Available in many colors!
Adult Costume
Vintage Doll Inspired Design
Comfortable Fit