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Unisex Long Hairy BEE Leader Resistance Fighter Cosplay Costume and Wig Bundle

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  • Premium Breathable Capless Cap and novelty costume
  •  All our wigs come with a Free wig liner which will help keep your wig in place and also protects both your real hair and your wig.
  • Handcrafted luxury wigs and costumes
  • High Quality for multiple wears
  • Complete your look and be party ready.
  •  Perfect for all occasions - we offer a wide range of styles, characters, movie stars and the latest trends to get you ready for any event all year round.
  • Thought of wearing an itchy wig putting you off? Our uniquely designed ‘capless cap wigs’ are specially crafted to be kinder to your real hair and scalp. The breathable capless design provides a more comfortable wig experience so you can keep yours on all night!
  • Designed by our team for you
  •  Comfort Fit
  • 100% Cruelty Free - Made from synthetic materials

Items-Included: - Wig - Mask - Costume